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The International 420

The International 420 Class Dinghy is a mono hull planing dinghy with trapeze for the crew, centerboard, a tapered and tunable Bermuda rig and center sheeting. It carries a main, jib and spinnaker and is designed for a crew of two. The name describes the overall length of the boat in centimeters (the boat is exactly 4.2 meters long).

The US I420 Class website can be found here for up to date information about schedules, clinics, and international qualification criteria.

GCYSA proudly supports the US I420 Class Association.

The International 420 is recognized by ISAF as an “ISAF┬áLearn to Sail Training Programme Recommended Boat“, which endorses its use by Member National Authorities for developing and teaching sailing in their nation. ┬áThe effective equipment categorization such as entry, intermediate and advanced level helps MNAs to understand the equipment and sign post a pathway from grass roots to Olympic level.

About 350 boats are built per year, with 1850 boats built over the past 5 years.IMG_4838

Key Data
ISAF Status International Hull Length 4.2 m
Type Centreboard Boat Beam Length 1.63 m
Number of Crew 2 Mast Length 6.26 m
Opt Crew Weight 110 – 145 kg Mainsail Area 10.25m2
Designer Christian Maury Headsail Area 2.8 m2
National Origins France Spinnaker Area 9.0 m2
Hull Material GRP Sailing Boat Weight 100 kg
Number of Trapeze Single Bare Hull Weight 80 kg