Laser Midwinters East 2017, Clearwater SC


The last day of racing at the Laser Midwinters East produced some tricky conditions. A dying Northerly front left a big sloppy swell with only medium to light breeze by the time the first race started.

Congratulations to Bryan Trammell for scoring an 8th in the first race of the day and in the last race Kelly Cole scored a 5th place and Ricky Welch an 8th place.

The race committee did a great job, sailing all of the 10 scheduled races, dealing with a wide variety of conditions. 

This was an extremely tough regatta with long hours spent waiting on the water mixed in with tricky ever-changing racing conditions. The team gets back to practice this weekend here in Galveston Bay, eager to work on specifics with only three and a half months to go until the Youth Champs!

Full results can be found here:

Carson Shields 29th

Radial Gold:
Ricky Welch 12th
Marcus Huttunen 21st
Lillian Myers 22nd
Diego Escobar 28th
Kelly Cole 30th
Asher Zittrer 37th
Bryan Trammell 40th
Sophia Sole 41st
Caden Scheiblauer 46th

Radial Silver:
Kiera O’Reardon 15th
Brandon Cassard 21st
Alex Hankins 28th